Index of Care.

The Index of Care provides a user-driven framework for ‘thinking through’ the stages of a bioarchaeology of care analysis. It prompts consideration of biological and archaeological evidence relevant to care provision, it operationalises key concepts such as 'disability' and 'care', and it encourages transparency in reasoning.

To use the Index of Care you must log in.

If this is the first time you have used the Index of Care, register a user name and password by activating the Register link in the top right corner. You should then proceed to the Introduction page.  Please read the Introduction before proceeding to 'The Index', in order to familiarise youself with the Index aims and design.

If you have used the Index before, log in with your name and password by activating the Log in link in the top right corner. You may then proceed directly to the 'The Index' page (bypassing 'Introduction') by selecting The Index from the menu bar across the top of the page.

Important: to gain access to the contents of the Index of Care you must enter a new case study or activate an existing case study on the 'The Index' page.  If you do not want to undertake an actual analysis, but simply wish to review the instrument, enter a 'test case' name and, where prompted, a 'test case' pathology. 

Summary User Guide

  1. Register or Log on (link top right corner).
  2. Open 'The Index' (menu bar across the top of the page).
  3. Enter a new case study or select an existing case study to activate the Index of Care Steps 1 - 4.
  4. To open certain sections within individual Steps you will be required to enter or select the pathology under examination as prompted.  Until this information is entered the section cannot be opened.
  5. You must save all new information entered on a page before navigating away from that page, or this information may be lost.  'Save' buttons are located within worksheets and at the bottom of each page.
  6. Some worksheets are linked (this will be clearly flagged).   If you do not enter any information in the first worksheet, the second worksheet may not be generated.
  7. You may generate a report for each completed Index Step by selecting the Reports button on the menu located at the left side of each work page. (This menu first appears on opening the 'The Index' page.) It is important that you ‘Save’ this document rather than open it in ‘protected view’, or you may compromise your ability to produce an updated version of this report. You may also print individual web pages in the Internet Explorer standard manner (File - Print).

To review Index of Care contents and functionality without entering an actual case for analysis, follow the instructions above using random 'test case' information where required.

For further information see Using the Index of Care on the Introduction page.

The following poster, presented at the 10th Annual Meeting of the Groupe d’Anthropologie et d’Archéologie Funéraire (GAAF 2018, Bordeaux), provides an introduction to and overview of the Index of Care. The poster is available in both english and spanish, click on the appropriate thumbnail to download. 

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